Guidelines for Users

  • Information on this site is selected primarily because of its relevance to social conditions in Bermuda. This includes information pertaining to culture, education, environment, health, social benefit, human services, the justice system, economic conditions. For a complete listing of topics that may be covered, please refer to Classification for Community Organizations in Bermuda.
  • Users can expect to find the following types of documents in this collection:
    • Academic papers – these will meet social science research standards at universities
    • Professionally commissioned reports or studies – these will meet ethical standards for research
    • Locally based reports from non-profits or community organizations – this may include annual reports, debriefings or feedback from events, or community based surveys which may not meet specific ethical or research standards.
    • Data reports from local agencies – above all this must maintain confidentiality of clients – no information will be uploaded if it includes any identifying information.
    • Government statistics and reports  – this is credible, professionally gathered and analyzed information used by both local and international organizations
    • Locally-based information from individuals – that provides an analysis of social conditions in Bermuda, but has not been peer reviewed, completed on commission or approved by any accredited body - readers are cautioned that opinions expressed in these documents are entirely those of the authors and the CSE does not accept responsibility for the views expressed.
  • Groups managing this site are not in a position to verify the accuracy of any documents that appear. You can expect to find a diversity of thought reflected in the reports and the reader is urged to consider the sources of information. For example, a professionally researched study will provide a different level of information than a non-profit annual report, but both contribute significantly to the understanding of our community needs and issues.
  • Researchers, non-profits and government agencies are invited to submit information to the CSE. Those submitting documents are requested to read and adhere to the Agreement to Submit Information. This is a simple, free process which requires registration, disclosure of the source of the information and a vetting period of 10 days before documents are uploaded to the E-library. This helps us to ensure that information is from credible sources.
  • The CSE aims to disseminate existing information that is of use to the Bermuda community. It is recognized that further research would be valuable and a list of suggested areas is posted and updated here. The following have been identified as important research needs in Bermuda by members of the non-profit community:
    • mother/son relationships in the Bermuda context
    • gender issues in Bermuda studies

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