Welcome to Coalition for Community Activism in Bermuda.

CCAB is a non-profit, citizen-based group which serves as a resource for the community to promote democracy-building and active public engagement in support of social justice, equity and human rights. We work together with other groups to build engagement through coordinating research and facilitating connections – activities that cut across issues and enable the community to have a voice, make sense of information and work together for the best of Bermuda.  More about us...

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CCAB Chronology – June 2009 – January 2012

June 2009 – Series of meetings with various civil society groups following Community Empowerment Workshop

October 2009 – campaign to urge public to give input on proposed PATI legislation and commissioned analysis of Bermuda’s draft legislation by the organization Article 19

January 2010 – Roundtable on PATI with government and NGO leaders and  2 overseas experts

March 2010 – Public Agenda in Bermuda -  arranged meetings with leaders and public on process of Deliberative Dialogue

March 2010 – Bermuda Civil Society Project involvement starts

April/May 2010 – arranged public meetings to urge response from public to Blueprint for Education Reform and commissioned analysis by Andy Hargreaves and Dennis Shirley on Blueprint

September 2010 – Education for All ( EfA) Project takes hold – contact made with Columbia consultants for input.
November/December 2010 – Stakeholder Analysis for EfA

Jan - March 2011 – consult with local and overseas people on how to organize public engagement for EfA – process oriented, including community conversations and storytelling.

Jan 2011 – BCSP E-library background work

April 2011 – concept of narrative inquiry/story-telling arises and becomes focus for EfA as model of public engagement/advocacy.

June 2011 – meeting to establish a local EfA advisory group

September 2011 – University consultants visit Bermuda – meet with EfA advisory group, public session, meet with Steering Committee,

October 2011 – training for Story Circle Hosts– 15 people trained to host small groups and guidebook produced.

November 2011 – initiate website development for e-library and hosting story podcasts
Research background on government/civil society relationships in response to changes in Charities Act. Liaise with Int’l Centre for Non-Profit Law for input.

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March 2009: Several groups and members of the community came together for a weekend Community Empowerment workshop organized by BEST and conducted by the Ruckus Group out of the US. Participants were inspired to continue the dialogues and efforts to strengthen collaboration in the community. Several meetings were held to ascertain the needs and interest of various groups which resulted in a consensus that:

  • access to research and information would improve the community’s ability to be more engaged on issues;
  • opportunities to make connections and network between one another would strengthen civil society in Bermuda
  • mechanisms for input and influence on public policy decisions would benefit all sectors of the community.

September 2009: The Coalition for Community Activism had taken shape with a Steering Committee and e-mail communication list. One of the first efforts undertaken was to encourage members of the public to make responses to proposed Public Access to Information (PATI) legislation, as well as to commission a critical analysis by the organization Article 19, which is involved in international efforts to promote freedom of information laws. The public input came in at just over 500 responses with suggestions for revisions, many of which were implemented.

January 2010: CCAB organized a Round Table on PATI laws with leaders from political, public service, NGO and union sectors with 2 internationally recognized experts in the field.

March 2010: CCAB arranged for the organization Public Agenda, based in the US, to come to Bermuda to conduct 4 sessions on establishing effective methods of public engagement. Using a hands on process of informed dialogues, several groups participated in presentations and actual dialogue. The events provided a potential model which has been borrowed and modified by several groups in Bermuda.

April 2010: The Education for All Project was launched in response to the government seeking input on the Blue Print for Education Reform. Though public education typically supports democratic participation, Bermuda’s education system has faced several challenges, most notably identified in the Hopkins Report of 2007. CCAB encouraged the public to provide their input on the Blue Print and also organized several public dialogues on the topic of education and the feedback given to the Ministry of Education. In the absence of other organized groups advocating for strong public education, Education for All began a community-based research project to explore and engage people on the essential meaning education has for people in Bermuda. Beginning with collecting ‘stories’ – people’s actual experiences of being at school in Bermuda – the project aims to surface themes or patterns around the educational experience. With the voices of the people firmly at the centre, the second phase of community conversations will allow us to make sense of the lived experiences and suggest implications for our education system today. EfA is also about a model for community involvement – using the power of personal stories to inform public dialogues could be effective for many community issues from mental health care to the justice system to land use.

CCAB  also participated in the Bermuda Civil Society Project which aims to establish a clearer picture of the non-profit sector in Bermuda. Through a substantial process of mapping the sector, developing standards for programming, creating a comprehensive technology platform to facilitate communication within the sector, and establishing an e-library of information on Bermuda social conditions, the BCSP includes both donors and non-profits. In cooperation with the Centre on Philanthropy, CCAB became involved in work to strengthen the relationship between the non-profit and government sectors as a follow up to changes in the charities legislation slated for 2012.

November 2011:  In collaboration with the Action Collaborative, CCAB met with various non-profit and government stakeholders to map out a community-based Civil Society E-library intended to be an easily accessible website with various documents realted to social conditions in Bermuda.  The groups developed a Collections Policy and Guidelines for Users and began colllecting reports, studies, data and other documents of relevance to Bermuda.  The site will continue adding information as it becomes available.


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