Education for All

Connecting to the power of people’s personal stories, Education for All (EfA) is a community-based project

  • to inspire community wide active participation to improve education
  • to create a dialogue-based process that builds public involvement in significant community issues, and, 
  • to strengthen community influence on public policy decisions and other avenues of social change.  
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Story Circles

As part of the process to increase people’s involvement in and contribution to education, several ‘Story Circles’ were organized to capture the lived experience of schooling in Bermuda. These personal stories reflect what happens in schools, how people respond and the impact of those experiences. It is a starting point for understanding and talking about the narrative of education in our community and the expectations we hold for the future.   We share them here to inspire greater awareness and willingness to get involved in the continuing story of education in Bermuda. Great conversation starters!

Education for All is a community-based projects to hear and replay The stories of people’s lived experience of education Bermuda. You will hear, first-hand, what happened in days gone-by and what Happened just a few years ago. You will hear uplifting stories as well as those that are difficult to hear. This is  our story and we hope you will find a little of yourself as you listen.

How we do Story Circles:

Story Circles

  • Are small groups of 4 – 6 people who get together to tell their own experiences  
  • With hosts who
  • welcome people
  • provide general guidelines
  • handle the recording equipment
  • get the stories started with a key question
  • gently keep the stories going
  • Where all voices and experiences are welcomed, acknowledged and respected  
  • And an openness to listen deeply to members of our community

Principles that underlie story circles

  • People naturally tell stories and seek meaning
  • Talking together enables people to connect, build meaning, seek solutions and take collective action
  • People willingly participate when they feel safe, welcomed, honoured, and respected
  • Wide inclusion and diversity strengthen our ability to make wise decisions for action

For a more detailed description, please see Story Catcher's Guide

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