Ways to Engage

The Coalition for Community Activism in Bermuda supports various approaches to meaningful and productive engagement in the community. Whether it is participation in learning more about our community through information sessions or supporting a local advocacy group or sharing your lived experience through story telling, there are many ways to engage and become involved in our community. CCAB has coordinated several public events that allow participants both to learn and to express their perspectives. In the spirit of promoting dialogue, openness and respect, we have also shared findings with public leaders.

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Ways to Engage

Engaging in the community is partly about working with others and contributing in a way that works for you.  It is also about caring enough to pay attention to what is going on and having ways to voice your opinions and also hearing what others have to say.  

In this section we share with you possibilities for community engagement, approaches that have worked in other places and results of projects that have taken place in Bermuda.  Please be inspired! If you would like to contribute a suggestion, please let us know.  While we do not have the resources to maintain an up to date community calendar we will share links and update registered users as we are able.

Education for All:  In 2011, CCAB worked with colleagues from Columbia and Florida State Universities to develop a community-based approach to gathering stories that reflect the lived experienced of education in Bermuda.  See the EfA section of this site for further information.

Action Collaborative: Coordinated by the Women’s Resource Centre between 2011 and 2013, this project included community and government agencies with an interest in establishing an easily accessible source of information about the Bermuda community. In cooperation with CCAB, participants in the Action Collaborative explored, planned and completed the Civil Society e-Library (found on this site) in 2013.

Bermuda Civil Society Project: The BCSP is an unincorporated association of individuals representing non-profit organisations, grant makers and technical advisors. Its mission is to enhance the effectiveness of civil society and the philanthropic sector. Run by a project board, the BCSP has identified and launched a number of sector capacity-building ideas, such as determining the extent to which the sector is having an impact and making information on social issues more accessible.  See report on this site.

Imagine Bermuda : Mr. Glenn Fubler has been leading members of the community to ‘imagine what Bermuda can be’ since 2009.  From history walks, to community days, to organisational gatherings, Imagine Bermuda welcomes all and fosters collaboration and active engagement in the community.  www.facebook.com/ImagineBermuda

Performing Arts Centre Project: www.performingartscentreproject.org    A coordinated process to gather extensive community input on a new performing arts centre for Bermuda.  From small scale dialogues to a full scale community conversation, the process used an Appreciative Inquiry approach along with methods found in the Art of Hosting www.artofhosting.org.

People for Education: www.peopleforeducation.ca  – This website will really inspire you to have a voice about public education.  How a group of parents came together to express their concerns and now have a seat at the table for policy decisions and research about making public schools great.

Public Agenda: www.publicagenda.org  – A leading US-based group that researches for and conducts public consultation based on the process of deliberative dialogue in communities around the US. In 2010, CCAB worked with two members of the Public Agenda team to coordinate several pilot sessions with groups of citizens in Bermuda.

Bermuda Sustainable Development Plan 2008:   The SDP was developed through a comprehensive process of gathering public input in 2005-6, using focus groups and public conversations. The result is a comprehensive document that sets out challenges and solutions for Bermuda’s community over the next several years in and into the future. See report in Environment.

 PRIDE Community Coalition:  www.pridebermuda.bm "Changing Bermuda by Preparing Youth to Resist Drugs & Make Positive Life Decisions"   For 25 years, PRIDE Bermuda has been educating and empowering youth and adults to make healthy lifestyle choices regarding drugs and alcohol. Join us as we strive to achieve the goal a drug free Bermuda.


Inter-Agency Committeewww.iacbermuda.org    The Inter Agency Committee for Children and Families is a network of non-profit and government human service agencies. IAC Vision: To have a fully accessible continuum of services that supports the well-being of all children in Bermuda. IAC Mission: To maximize the impact of our collective service provision to children and families, by providing best practice training and advocacy, through a collaborative process of engagement with all relevant stakeholders.

Bermuda Community Foundation: www.bermudacommunityfoundation.org  Established in early 2013 as a company limited by guarantee with charitable and philanthropic objects, the Bermuda Community Foundation is a registered Bermuda charity (948). Its purpose is to act as a grant-making organisation, raising funds for non-profits, causes and public institutions, from arts and education to health and community services that serve the Island’s residents. The foundation provides donors with a simple, convenient and flexible way to make an impact—now and forever.


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