Education for All

Connecting to the power of people’s personal stories, Education for All (EfA) is a community-based project

  • to inspire community wide active participation to improve education
  • to create a dialogue-based process that builds public involvement in significant community issues, and, 
  • to strengthen community influence on public policy decisions and other avenues of social change.  
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We hope that the process of sharing information will encourage you to have more questions! Please feel free to submit a question on education or the Bermuda community. We will not promise you an answer, only the opportunity to have your question raised.

Questions about education come up all the time but it’s often tougher to find answers.  If you have a question, let us know and we’ll do our best to provide a helpful answer... even if it means that we need some time to find it. We’ll also let you know if someone else, such as your child’s teacher or school principal might be in a better position to provide an answer for you.

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